Insurances Accepted

Bravia Dermatology accepts nearly all forms of Medicare and employer sponsored commercial insurance .  Medicaid is NOT currently accepted for general dermatology visits.  However, Bravia Dermatology is committed to taking care of skin cancer patients.  If you have a biopsy proven skin cancer, call us to see if we can help.

If you do not see your employer's insurance listed below, please call the office and request that we try to become a provider in your insurance network.  If your insurance carrier is crossed out below, please call your insurer at the Member Services number on the back of your card and request that they reach out to Bravia Dermatology to join their network.  Please see our Financial Policy if there are any questions.


Aetna US Healthcare

Anthem BCBS 

About Blue Cross Blue Shield of MI :If you have Blue Cross Blue Shield of MI you can only be seen in our Toledo or Defiance offices, until further notice. If you insist on being seen in our Monroe office you could be responsible.  

Buckeye Community Health Plan - Individual (Exchange), Buckeye Medicare Advantage. We are not participating with Buckeye Medicaid

Cigna Commercial (Cigna Medicare claims can be processed as Medicare.  Cigna Commercial claims can be processed through our TPA contracts, but this is ultimately up to Cigna to process claims "In Network").  

Coventry Health Care

Front Path


Humana Commercial (Humana Medicare claims can be processed as Medicare. Humana Commercial claims can be processed through our TPA contracts, but this is ultimately up to Humana to process claims as "In Network").   

Medical Mutual



Ohio Health Group

OSU Health Plan

Paramount (Except Paramount Advantage Medicaid for general dermatology)

Primary Health Services


United Health Care

Important Medicare Info 2020

Effective 12/31/2019, Medicare will no longer process claims with social security numbers as the policy number. New identification cards were issued at the beginning of 2020 to all Medicare carriers. The new identification number is in an alphanumeric format. We must have a copy of this updated Medicare card with the correct alphanumeric number before services are rendered if you wish your claims to be processed through Medicare. If you have not received your updated card please contact CGS member services number on the back of your current Medicare card. 

An example of the OLD INVALID card is below on the left (partially covered by new valid card). An example of the NEW VALID card is below on the right in its entirety.

On left (partially covered in image), INVALID Medicare card has SSN on it.  The VALID Medicare card effective in 2020 will have an alphanumeric ID number.

An example of a NEW VALID Railroad Medicare card is pictured below.

Image of a VALID Railroad Medicare card with alphanumeric ID.

Submit Insurance Info In Advance

While it is highly recommended that you have your insurance card(s) available when you schedule your appointment, we have 4 ways to submit your insurance card information before your appointment.   Please make sure we have your insurance information at least 1 week before your appointment. Having up-to-date insurance information is important for eligility checks, and to verify your deductible, co-pay, and co-insurance.  If we are unable to run an eligibility check on your insurance information, please be prepared to pay for your visit and any procedures out of pocket, or to be in our office for a longer time while eligibility checks can be performed.

Ways to provide insurance information:
1. Preferred Method: Through a secure message (Click "Message us" at the bottom right) or on the Phone when scheduling your appointment
2. Second best method:   Online by clicking here.
3. Third best method: Email clear, readable pictures of front and back of insurance cards to  In your email, please include the patient's name and date of birth; and if different, the primary policy holder's name, date of birth, and relationship to patient.
4. Fourth best method: Call 419-948-3376 and press * to leave a message.
5. Least ideal method: Give us your insurance card information when you arrive for your appointment.  This may cause delays in your visit, including inability to run an eligibility check and verify your benefits.  If we are unable to verify benefits, we may need to collect an estimated amount at your visit.

Copays and Remaining Deductibles

Please note that your co-payment, co-insurance, and/or remaining deductible are due at time of service.  The amounts due that are deemed patient responsibility are determined by your insurance carrier and your insurance plan, based on the types of services, procedures, or treatments you received on the date of service.   A fee may be added for payments not received on date of service. 

Payment Methods and HSA/FSA

Payment Methods: Bravia Dermatology accepts checks*, cash, debit cards, credit cards, or Care Credit.  

HSA/FSA: Bravia Dermatology accepts HSA (Health Savings Account) or FSA (Flexible Spending Account) debit or credit cards. 

Please bring the card with you at the time of your appointment if you plan to use this payment method.

Bravia Dermatology Accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express
Online Bill Pay for invoices: 
If you received an invoice from Bravia Dermatology, you may pay online at

*Please note that returned/canceled/insufficient fund payments will incur additional fees.

Bravia Dermatology Accepts Care Credit
Care Credit is also accepted.

Eligibility vs. In Network

Please note that our electronic insurance eligibility checks simply help to verify that your insurance is active, and helps to verify your copays and remaining deductibles. Eligibility checks do not confirm that we are in network with your insurance carrier, and a successful electronic check is not a guarantee that your insurance policy is active on your date of service.  Additionally, insurance carriers have multiple plan types, and we cannot guarantee that we are in network with every plan.  Please check with your insurance carrier (usually their website) to verify we are in network with your particular plan.

Out of network charges are ultimately the patient's responsibility.

If your insurance requires referral...

IF YOUR INSURANCE REQUIRES A REFERRAL FOR SPECIALIST CARE: While most insurance companies no longer require referrals for specialist care, some still do.  Since it is impossible for Bravia Dermatology to know exactly what each patient's insurance plan requires, it is ultimately the patient's responsibility to know if a referral is required before accepting specialist medical or procedural services.  If your plan requires a referral, please have your primary care provider fax a signed, filled out copy of this letter to 419.665.3632.  If your insurance requires a referral but none was received, the patient is responsible for any medical or surgical services rendered that is not covered due to lack of referral.

  Referral to Bravia Dermatology Template for Primary Care Providers