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Bravia Dermatology is using the first Halo capable Sciton laser in the Toledo/Northwest Ohio region.

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  • Halo by Sciton is the world's first dual wavelength fractionated laser. 
  • 1 day to makeup means amazing results with virtually no social downtime. *if used in combination with other treatments like BBL, or with more powerful Halo Pro treatments, more swelling and downtime is expected.
  • The two wavelengths target both deep and superficial layers of the skin.
  • Each wavelength is tunable, so it can be done on virtually any skin type
  • Halo is a great treatment that is even safe on darker skin (types IV and V), unlike most other lasers
  • Halo can be used to treat:
    • Sun damage
    • Enlarged pores
    • Brown spots / Age spots
    • Melasma Read About Melasma
    • Acne scars
    • Fine lines and wrinkles
    • Skin texture irregularities





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Before Treatment: Sun Protection is mandatory.  Bravia Dermatology will order a topical numbing (anesthetic) for you to apply before the Halo.  We cannot treat recently sun-exposed or tanned skin.  When your melanocytes (pigment producing cells) have been recently "turned on" by sun exposure, there is risk of a suboptimal result.  Also, if you have active cold sores at time of treatment, we will need to reschedule and anti-virals are recommended.  For best results, we recommend a cosmetic consult a few weeks before your first treatment, so we can get photos and get you started on an effective, customized pre-treatment skin care regimen.

During Treatment: Topical numbing plus the chilled air stream from the Halo handpiece keep you comfortable during the treatment.

Immediately After Treatment: After the numbing wears off, your skin will feel warm to hot for approximately 1 hour.  Afterwards, your skin may feel slightly tight but it should not be uncomfortable.   Strict sun avoidance and sun protection is mandatory after Halo treatments.

Days following treatment: Wash your face with a gentle cleanser (e.g. EltaMD Foaming Facial Cleanser, ZO Hydrating Cleanser, Paragon Foaming Facial Cleanser, ZO Gentle Skin Cleanser) and use a gentle moisturizer (e.g. EltaMD Intense "Melting" Moisturizer, EltaMD PM therapy) for the first week after treatment.  If you had a combination treatment, like with BBL, then intense swelling can be normal for a few days. Additionally, more powerful (>25%) Halo Pro treatments can have more swelling and downtime.  Makeup and mineral sunscreens (e.g. Elta MD UV Physical, EltaMD UV Clear) may be worn as long as there are no "raw" areas -- which is usually on post-laser day 1 or 2, depending on treatment settings.  For a few days, your skin may feel "sandpaper-like" while the MENDS (small bronze dots that look like tiny freckles) work their way out of the skin.  Do not aggressively scrub these off.  They are easily covered with makeup and should fall off by day 4 or 5, revealing your "Halo Glow."

Months following treatment:  Collagen will continue to grow from the Halo treatment for 6-8 months following treatment.  You will continue to see improvement throughout.  For more rapid improvement, Halo treatments may be combined with BBL (Broad Based Light) treatments or may be repeated every 8-12 weeks for a series of 3-4 treatments.