Novathreads PDO lift at Bravia Dermatology

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Bravia Dermatology uses Novathreads PDO threads for non-surgical lifting and collagen building.

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  • Non-surgical face lift, jaw line contouring, or brow lift.
  • ​Done with local anesthesia, patients are comfortable. 
  • No incisions, just injections.
  • Little to no downtime, unlike a surgical face lift surgery.
  • Novathreads are absorbable sutures made of Polydioxonone (PDO). 
    • They are absorbed over about 6 months, and form new collagen tracts as they are absorbed, which last 12-18 months.
  • Significant lifting of sagging skin can be achieved with barbed sutures that gently pulls the skin up and anchors it in place.
  • Smooth or twisted threads can be placed build your body's own new collagen.
  • Novathreads are often used to lift:
    • Eyebrows and lids (non-surgical brow lift)
    • Mid face / cheeks
    • Jowels / jawline
    • Neck
  • Mesh or twisted threads can be used to plump up or fill the skin.
  • Cosmetic consult and deposit required.  This procedure requires planning.


Forehead: Usually muscle relaxers (botulinum toxin) is done prior to Novalyft to relax the muscles.

Upper Face: Usually dermal fillers are used to augment upper cheek, lower eyelid area.

Mid Face:  Filler or Novathreads to lift and restore volume.

Lower Face: Novathreads to lift and reposition sagging skin.  The goal is to restore the V-shape of a youthful face.





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Before Treatment: Stop any elective blood thinners at least 1 week prior to treatment.  A cosmetic consultation and deposit is required for lifting threads, so that we can properly plan to have the necessary threads available for your treatment.  Patients who have clotting disorders, blood cancers, or compromised immune systems are not ideal candidates for this treatment.

During Treatment: We have a variety of ways and techniques to keep you comfortable when injections are to be performed. For lifting threads, usually a local anesthetic is used.  For smooth or twisted threads, usually no anesthesia other than a topical or chilling is necessary.

Immediately After Treatment: There may be some swelling or discomfort, and in some cases bruising.  Your treatment area will be evaluated to make sure we achieved the best results possible.  The ends of lifting threads will be trimmed.  No trimming is necessary on smooth and twist threads - all threads remain under the skin to build collagen.

Days following treatment:  Avoid over-expression of the treatment area, and avoid aggressive scrubbing/rubbing of the face (either internally with tongue or externally).  e.g. take small bites of food, minimize yawning by getting enough sleep, avoid puffing out cheeks.  Sometimes there is bruising or swelling, but usually that is minimal.  This can be minimized with  by taking tylenol (acetaminophen) and if still needed, gentle application of icepacks.  If applying ice packs, do not push down on the the treatment area so the threads can remain anchored.   It is also recommended that patients sleep on their back for at least the first week.  Due to pressure changes, we recommend not getting on an airplane or scuba diving for at least 3 days after lifting threads are placed.  

Months following treatment:  The threads will slowly absorb and leave behind collagen tracts to maintain a permanent improvement.  Usually touch up treatments are done anywhere between 6-18 months.  This allows for a gradual, continued improvement over time unlike a surgery that is done once. 

Nova Lyft at Bravia Dermatology

Nova Lyft uses barbed threads to lift sagging skin. The threads are placed under the skin and anchored to the subcutaneous tissue to provide a natural lifted effect. As the threads dissolve, they are replaced with collagen.

Nova Mesh at Bravia Dermatology

Nova Mesh uses a series of smooth dissolvable sutures injected under the skin to create a mesh. The mesh is slowly absorbed by the body and replaced with collagen, for a fuller appearance.