Laser Tattoo Removal and Laser Pigment Reduction at Bravia Dermatology

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Bravia Dermatology offers the most advanced tattoo reduction and removal available.  Compared to standard nanosecond tattoo lasers, our Picosecond laser gets better results with significantly fewer treatments.

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  • Picosecond technology of PicoCare allows for the best results available.
  • 3-4 times fewer treatments needed compared to nanosecond tattoo lasers.
  • Local numbing, laughing gas, topical numbing, or cooling used to keep the treatments comfortable.
  • All tattoo treatments performed by a board-certified dermatologist.
  • Able to treat nearly any color.  Please notify us prior to treatment if you had a known allergic reaction to one of your tattoo inks.  Red is the most common ink to have an allergy to.
  • Pricing based on size, number of colors, and types of colors. 
  • Blue/Green/Purple inks may require special limited-use handpieces for optimal results.
  • It is helpful to know the age of your tattoo (when it was placed), and tattoo inks used (e.g. were inks mixed to create a color? what brand were they? etc)

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Before Treatment: Sun Protection is mandatory.  We cannot treat recently sun-exposed or tanned skin.  When your melanocytes (pigment producing cells) have been recently "turned on" by sun exposure, there is risk of a suboptimal result.  The treatment area will be wiped clean prior to treatment.   Some patients require no numbing, depending on the size and sensitivity of the area.    Prescription topical numbing for smaller tattoos may be used, but this may need to be applied over an hour before treatment.  Injectable numbing, lauging gas, and very cold air may also be used to optimize patient comfort.

During Treatment: Safety goggles will cover your eyes. The laser pulses feel like a heated rubber band snap, but some patients feel very little if analgesia techniques are used as described above.  There may be popping noises.

Immediately After Treatment:  Your skin may feel warm, and the treated area may appear whiter/lighter at first.  Bruising and blisters within the treatment area are expected.   

Days following treatment:  Puffiness, bruising, blistering, and temporary pigment darkening are expected for a week or more after treatment.  Puffiness can be minimized by: holding ice packs or cool compresses (with very dilute white vinegar kept in the fridge) on the treated areas (for no more than 10 minutes at a time), taking Tylenol (Acetaminophen)/Ibuprofen/Aspirin as directed by the bottle, and taking Bendaryl (diphenhydramine) or another anti-histamine.  Do not aggressively scrub the treatnent areas as they will flake off on their own.  Most of the pigment is eliminated through the bloodstream and through the immune system after being broken up by the laser, so you may not see any flake off after treatment.  Aggressive scrubbing can cause scarring and undesirable side effects. Makeup may be worn after peeling is complete and as long as there are no open sores.

Months following treatment:  Usually 3-6 treatments, spaced 6-8 weeks apart will achieve the optimum result.  The most dramatic result and swelling occurs with the first treatment because there is more "target" for the laser to treat.  


Experience the Pico Difference - Picosecond laser breaks up ink 3-5 times more effectively than Nanosecond lasers.
Comparison between nanosecond and picosecond on tissue phantom.

5 nanoseconds
Nanosecond laser does not break up ink as much as picosecond laser
4mm / 3.6J/cm2 / 1pass
450 picoseconds
Picosecond laser is 3-5x more effective at breaking up ink compared to nanosecond laser
4mm / 3.6J/cm2 / 1pass

The ink particle "explosion" is significantly larger with picosecond technology, shown on the right. This allows for more effective treatments. #science



Tattoo Removal Pricing Tiers

Tattoo Removal Pricing Tiers at Bravia Dermatology

Tier Pricing

Picosecond lasers are more effective at tattoo reduction than nanosecond lasers, so less treatments are needed.
  • Tier 1 - $350/tx
    Up to Business card (2x3.5")
  • Tier 2 - $600/tx
    Up to Index Card (4x6")
  • Tier 3 - $900/tx 
    Up to Half Page (5.5x8.5")
  • Tier 4 - Consult required
    More than Half Page (>5.5x8.5")
  • Test Spots - $200
    Up to 3 colors on one body area, waived if done same day as consult
  • Tattoo Consult/Scheduling fee - $350
    Applied toward first tx or test spots
  • Multi-color fee - 20% additional
    If tattoo contains 4 or more colors
  • Blue/Green/Purple ink fee - 15%-25% additional
    For best results, limited use handpiece needed for these colors. Based on surface area.
  • Touch Up Treatment - 25% off per additional treatment
    After 6 treatments, if any areas in same tattoo still need touch up 

  • Special considerations:  Blue, Green, and Purple ink require special handpieces that have a limited lifespan, so tattoos with these colors will incur additional charges. The typical amount is 15-25% more per treatment.  This depends on the surface area and extent of these inks.  Tattoo artists sometimes mix these pigments into other inks to create different colors and effects, so the extent of these inks may not be visible until treatments have commenced.
  • A non-refundable $350 deposit is required to schedule the first tattoo removal appointment.  This will be applied toward your first tattoo removal treatment or test spot treatment.
  • Pay off treatments over time with Square Installments or CareCredit. *Subject to credit approval. See links for details.