Wedding Ready Skin Treatment Guide

Treatment What it does When to start Downtime
Topical regimen (exfoliators, sunscreens, brightening creams, antioxidants, retinols, etc) Prepares your skin for best laser results, “insurance” to maintain great results after healed. 6+ months before wedding Skin may take a few weeks to adjust to strong physician dispensed topicals, with some initial expected irritation, redness and peeling.  We can get a product recommendation regimen together for you during a cosmetic consultation.
BraviaTox Softens the wrinkles in your forehead, “11s” between your eyes, and crow’s feet  1-3 months before  Usually none, but sometimes may have bruising that fades over about a week. Bruising can be covered with makeup.  Takes up to a week to take full effect.
Filler Reduces fine or deep lines and wrinkles; augments lips, cheeks or jawline; and is a facial volumizer  1-3 months before  Usually none, but up to 1-2 weeks, depending on area and bruising. Bruising usually fades over about a week.  Filler in lips or under eyes may have more swelling that takes time to return to baseline.
Microneedling Collagen stimulation to improve skin texture and tone, such as acne scarring 6+ months before, for best results have multiple treatments 1-5 days of redness and mild swelling, sometimes minor scratch marks or bruising, depending on depth
DermaSweep Exfoliation of the skin, followed up an infusion of patient’s choice. Improves impurities and small blackheads 1-3 months before. Usually treatment series of up to 6 treatments, spaced 1-2 weeks apart yields most improvement. None for most treatments.  PeelFusions may have some peeling.
Firework Facial™ Carbon mask pulls out oil, dirt, impurities; followed by a laser that comfortably zaps the mask off to reveal brighter, glowing skin. The day of, or up to a few days before, a big event for glowing skin. None. Skin may be light pink and glowing. Those with dry skin can sometimes have some very light flaking.
BBL Broad Band Light Treats multiple concerns at once including sun spots, freckling, rosacea, redness, broken blood vessels. 1-6 months before (may require 2-3 treatments for best results, spaced 4-6 weeks apart) 2-3 days of swelling. Brown spots may take 7-10 days to flake off.
Excel V Vascular Laser Heat seals broken blood vessels, treating rosacea, venous lakes, spider veins, and angiomas  1-6 months before (may require 2-3 treatments for best results, spaced 4-6 weeks apart) 1-3 days of swelling, some bruising may occur which fades like a typical bruise. 
Halo Pro Treats sun damage, brown spots, melasma, acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, and texture irregularities. Provides a “glow” afterlook 1-3 months before  1-7 days, depending on settings and goals.
CO2 laser resurfacing Resurfacing laser - used to tighten skin, even out sun damage, and rebuild collagen in deeper lines. Can be used to treat rhinophyma, sagging eyelids, acne scarring, and hypertrophic scars   3-6 months before, most ideally in fall, winter, or early spring.  Sun avoidance/protection is mandatory. At least 7-10 days for most laser treatments, may have some prolonged redness (several weeks) that can be covered with sunscreen and makeup.
Laser Genesis Improves texture, pores, and tones. Gives a nice “glow” afterwards. Perfect right before a big event.  1 week or days before for a “Wedding Day Glow.”  3-6 months before for a package of ~6 treatments for longer term improvement. None, skin may be a little flushed for an hour or two, and then glows for a few days.