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Bravia Dermatology is using the Laser Genesis platform to deliver results without downtime by gently heating underlying tissue.  Makeup can be reapplied immediately afterwards.

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  • Laser Genesis gently heats underneath the skin surface to stimulate circulation and collagen growth.
  • "Lunch time laser" - no downtime.
  • No breaks in the skin means makeup can be applied immediately after, if desired
  • Improves texture, pores, and tones
  • Skin has a nice glow afterwards.
  • Perfect right before a big event.
  • Series of multiple treatments needed for optimal results.
  • Toenail fungus can also be treated with Laser Genesis.  The laser heats up the fungus in the nail plate to kill it, while not damaging underlying tissue. (At least 3 treatments needed)
  • Laser Genesis improves:
    • Pores
    • Texture/Tone
    • Circulation and collagen growth
    • Some facial redness (combination treatment with Excel V recommended)
    • Toenail fungus

What To Expect

Before Treatment: Sun Protection is mandatory.  We cannot treat recently sun-exposed or tanned skin.  When your melanocytes (pigment producing cells) have been recently "turned on" by sun exposure, there is risk of a suboptimal result.  Your face will be cleansed beforehand and photos will be taken.  No numbing is necessary.

During Treatment: Safety goggles will cover your eyes. The laser will gently build up heat under the skin to stimulate circulation, new collagen growth, and pore size reduction.  

Immediately After Treatment:  Your skin may feel warm, and may be slightly pink for 1-2 hours.  Makeup can be applied immediately, and the skin often has a nice healthy glow afterwards.

Days following treatment:  The slightly pinking of the skin should fade in 1-2 hours.  There should be no downtime and patient often report a nice healthy glow for several days after treatment.

Months following treatment:  Usually 6-8 treatments spaced 2+ weeks apart will achieve the optimum result.   Results build slowly over time, without downtime.  Collagen growth happens for several months after the treatment.