New Patient History and What To Bring


To better serve you, we now have new patients check in on our iPad Kiosks.   Established patients will confirm their information on the iPad Kiosk as well.

Open Online Portal

Your username is usually your personal e-mail address you provided during scheduling.

Save Time, Fill Out Online In Advance


To expedite your check-in process, you may wish to fill out your information online on our patient portal at .  Then, you will just need to sign our intake form and confirm your information at your appointment.  Your username is usually the unique email address you provided us during scheduling.  Please visit for more information. Get Help

Please bring a list of the following with you:

List (to allow for quick entry into our system if not entered online in advance):

  • Medications, doses, and schedule*
  • Allergies*
  • Creams/Dermatology treatments tried*
  • Preferred pharmacy phone number and address*
  • Referring Provider's name and address  
  • Primary Care Provider's name and address
  • Relevant past medical history, surgical history, and family history of skin cancer or skin disease.*

*Denotes items that may be entered/verified online in advance to save time at your visit.

Cards to bring:

  • Insurance card(s - primary and secondary, if applicable)
  • Photo ID (government issued)
  • Credit card or method of payment - please note: co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles are due at time of service.  A fee may be added for payments not received on dates of service. See Financial Policy.
  • If you plan to use HSA or FSA card, please bring that as well.

What to bring to your appointment

For all appointments, please bring the following:

  • Your most recent insurance card   
  • A government issued photo ID
  • A comprehensive list of your current medications  (and their doses and frequency)
  • An up-to-date allergy list
  • A list of creams or ointments or remedies you've tried (prescription or over-the-counter)
  • Your co-pay amount determined by your insurance company (a $10 service fee may be added if copays are not received on date of service.  Often the specialist co-pay amount is listed on the insurance card.)
  • Credit card to leave on file.
  • If you have a remaining deductible determined by your insurance carrier, payment for all charges up to your remaining deductible amount is due on the date of service. See Financial Policy
  • For cosmetic treatments, payment in full must be made on date of service.
  • A parent or legal guardian must accompany minors to all appointments, or have a delegate along with a form and ID on file.


For surgery appointments, especially Mohs, please bring:

  • Something to read -- there can be wait time especially with Mohs surgery while we check the tissue margins to ensure there is no more cancer left to remove.
  • A driver -- especially if we are operating near your ear, eye, hand, or foot.  A driver is mandatory if you receive pain or anxiety medicine.
    • Guest policy: Only 1 guest is allowed in the procedure room during checkin and wait time.  The guest will need to leave the room during the procedure.  Additional guests will need to wait in the main waiting area.
  • Consider bringing a snack if you are having Mohs surgery.
  • A photo of the biopsy site (site to be treated) if you were referred by another office.    See our Mohs Patient Checklist for more preparation information.
  • For patients on supplemental Oxygen or who are oxygen dependent, please bring enough Oxygen and supplies such as batteries to last the entire day.

How to Prepare

Scheduled for Mohs Surgery? Be prepared with our Mohs Surgery Patient Checklist, and read below.
Mohs Surgery Patient Checklist for Bravia Dermatology

In most cases, no pre-appointment preparation is necessary.  However, here are some general guidelines.

Surgery preparation:

  • Blood thinners:  Do not stop if physician recommended.  If you are on Coumadin, please know your last INR.
  • High blood pressure:  Be sure to take your regularly scheduled blood pressure medicine.  
  • Food:  You may eat and drink as normal.  Have a healthy breakfast; and you may want to bring a snack.
  • Wait time:  If you are having Mohs surgery, Dr. Molenda checks 100% of the margin to make sure the skin cancer is out.  This can take 45 minutes or more of wait time for each layer; so please bring something to read.  Larger cases, cases in difficult to reach areas, or those requiring multiple pieces or multiple layers will take longer and possibly all day.
  • Driver:  For skin cancers by your eye, a driver may be necessary if your eye needs to be patched.  Very nervous patients who receive optional relaxation medication (rarely needed) will also require a driver.
    • Guest policy: Only 1 guest is allowed in the procedure room during checkin and wait time.  The guest will need to leave the room during the procedure.  Additional guests will need to wait in the main waiting area.
  • Layers of clothing: Rapid changes in weather may take some time for the building to adjust, but usually the office is kept cool to optimize performance of our surgical, laser, and lab equipment.  While we usually have blankets available, some patients and their companions are more comfortable with long pants and long-sleeved shirts.  A light jacket may also be helpful.
  • Downtime after surgery: Expect to take it easy after surgery, and to have a dressing covering the wound for at least 1 week for optimal healing.  If your job requires physical activity, light duty or time off work may be recommended during the initial recovery period.
  • Photo and certain identification of original biopsy site:  We like to be 100% certain we are operating in the correct location. If your referring Doctor's office performed the biopsy, and no clear photo is available or sent with the referral, we request that the patient brings a photo of the biopsy site or, less ideally, be able to point to the exact location of the biopsy.  Photos can be on the patient's cell phone or printed out.  If you had your biopsy at Bravia Dermatology, we should already have a corresponding photo or diagram, so you may ignore this step.
  • Guest policy: Only 1 guest is allowed in the procedure room during checkin and wait time.  The guest will need to leave the room during the procedure.  Additional guests will need to wait in the main waiting area.

Mohs surgery can take all morning or all day due to same day margin checks.  Please bring a snack and something to read.



Plan to take it easy after surgery.


Photos of the original biopsy site make it certain we are operating on the correct spot.


Laser procedures:

  • Sun protection: Sun avoidance and protection for 3-4 weeks prior to laser, and 3-4 months after. 
  • No tanning: We cannot safely treat tanned or recently sun exposed skin.  Once your pigment producing cells (melanocytes) are "activated" there are risks of dyspigmentation and blotchiness.
  • Cold sores:  We cannot proceed with any energy based device if you have active cold sores on the treatment day.  Usually cold sores can be minimized or staved off with anti-virals.
  • Social Downtime:  Some lasers have expected social downtime, with light pink to lobster-red discoloration, bruising, peeling, sloughing, swelling, itching, or other temporary effects being some possibilities.    Downtime expectations depend on the type of laser treatment you have performed.  Some lasers have virtually no expected downtime, and some have 7-10+ days of downtime. Downtime will be discussed in greater detail during the laser consultation. 

Sun avoidance and protection are crucial before and after laser.