Halo - Hybrid Laser

Halo by Sciton is a hybrid fractional laser used to treat damaged skin that uses two different wavelengths: the first targets deep to help rebuild collagen, and the second is more superficial which improves your skin tone, texture, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This fully customizable laser treatment can be tailored to your lifestyle and desired results. Lighter treatments will have you ready for makeup the next day with smooth, vibrant skin. More intense treatments will yield better results with just a few days of downtime. Click here to learn more about Halo.



Nano Laser Peel

Nano Laser peel: A laser that requires little to no numbing, that helps rejuvenate and freshen the skin.  Downtime is 1-2.5 days.  Easy recovery over the weekend.



Tattoo Removal with Picosecond Technology

Picosecond Tattoo Removal: The most effective tattoo removal, with significantly fewer treatments. Picosecond technology allows for better results with up to 5 times fewer treatments compared to nanosecond lasers.  Learn more at https://braviaderm.com/TattooRemoval

Tattoo Removal at Bravia Dermatology - before and after 1 treatment of an amateur tattoo.

Firework Facial™

FireworkFacial™: An exclusive, no-downtime facial treatment to leave the skin glowing. A carbon mask absorbs oils and impurities from the skin, and then the mask is comfortably lasered off to reveal glowing skin underneath. The mask comfortably "pops" and sounds like fireworks as it disappears off the face. Learn more at https://braviaderm.com/FireworkFacial

Firework Facial™ pairs well with other treatments like physician grade skin care, Laser Genesis, DermaSweep, and PicoToning.

Vascular Laser or Light (Excel V, BBL Corrective)

Vascular laser: For broken blood vessels, facial redness/rosacea, spider veins, facial vessels around the eyes, venous lake, angiomas, port-wine stains


Watch vessels disappear instantly in the video below:


Micro Laser Peel

Micro Laser Peel: Deeper version of the nano laser peel, for even more rejuvenation.  Plan on 3-5 days of downtime, but even more dramatic results.


BBL Forever Young

BBL Forever Young: Treatment program that's been scientifically proven to reverse age related genetic changes in the skin.  It helps tighten collagen, fade brown spots, and fade red areas.


Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing: Fractional resurfacing for wrinkles, texture, discoloration, acne-scarring, scarring, and skin tone.

ActiveFX/Deep FX (together making TotalFX) can provide dramatic improvement, but does have up to 5-7 days of downtime.  This treatment is only safe on skin types I-III (lighter skin) and sun avoidance/protection is mandatory before and after treatment.  Click here to learn more about CO2 resurfacing.

See a video here: http://nbc24.com/news/wellness-wednesday/laser-resurfacing-for-prevention-and-feeling-well

Halo is an exciting new treatment that is safe for nearly all skin types, including darker skin.  Halo helps with texture, tone, acne scars, sun damage, and more.  It has significantly less downtime than CO2 resurfacing, but the results are not as dramatic.


BBL Corrective Treatment

BBL Corrective: Light based targeted treatment of red spots, brown spots, hand rejuvenation, etc.


Laser Rejuvenation without downtime (Laser Genesis)

No downtime procedure, with gentle warming of the collagen to better skin firmness, texture and tone. Series of 6 treatments recommended.



Nail Fungus

Nail fungus: Series of 3 treatments for nail fungus.

Laser Genesis gently heats up the nail plate to kill fungus and bacteria without damaging the nail bed.

This treatment works best in conjunction with topical treatments and of course preventing re-infection with contaminated shoes, flooring (e.g. showers at the gym), or other sources of infection. 


Hyperpigmentation (Brown Spots)

Hyperpigmentation treatment: For benign (non-cancerous) sun-induced brown spots, freckles, and lentigenes.

Melasma may also be treated in combination with a topical regimen and strict use of sunscreen.



Call 419-948-3376 for a cosmetic consultation appointment today.  Cosmetic consults are recommended to capture good baseline photos and to provide customized recommendations for your skin. Often, a computerized skin analysis (shown below) that shows you your sun damage, redness, pores, and more will be performed.  Baseline photos allow you to visualize how far you've come after some of our great treatments and skin care protocols.



Are laser treatments covered by insurance?

No, hardly ever except for occasional birth marks.  However, if you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA), those can sometimes be used to reimburse for laser services that treat a MEDICAL condition such as Rosacea or Actinic Skin Damage (Sun Damage).